Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fishing and relaxing at Graham´s Place, Guanaja

Hi, all - it´s nice to have the option of regular internet service again. Here are some photos from our time at Graham´s Place which occupies a 6 acre island about a mile south of the island of Guanaja. We chose this place specifically for its reputation for offering a lot of fishing flats and big bonefish and they really were huge - I hadn´t realized bonefish got so big (10 pounds?!). Mike got to fish most of every day there and managed to hook and land a few. The fish were experienced and smart and apparently very picky about what they took into their mouths. The snorkeling wasn´t stellar, especially compared to the north side, so I spent several relaxing, wonderful days reading, taking naps, and watching Mike fish.

PHOTO 1 shows our first view of Graham´s Place from the boat; just minutes later Mike was spotting bonefish from the bar. PHOTOS 2 and 3 show Mike on the flats and some of the surrounding beauty. PHOTO 4 shows the waves striking the reef crest on the south side of the island and I took the lizard picture (PHOTO 5) from the deck of our cabin.
PHOTOS 6 and 7 show our wonderful little beach cabin, outside and in, and I took PHOTO 8 from the porch. PHOTO 9 is Mike walking near the open air bar/restaurant where we ate our meals - it´s dwarfed by the size of the anchors. The last picture is a shot of both of us just before we boarded the boat to head to the airstrip and away from Guanaja. It´s been a really wonderful 10 days here but we´re also looking forward to a week on Utila. We´re missing everyone and missing home so we´ll be ready when the time comes. HAPPY TRAILS!

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